My Birthday!

Today (2.15) is my birthday!!

I have always loved my birthday…anyone who knows me can expect to hear about my birthday all month. Now that I am older I realize I love my birthday so much because my mom always made my birthday so special.  I didn’t get a birthday party each year, in fact I only had a few of big parties, including one summer pool party  that my mom allowed me to have because I wanted to celebrate my birthday in the summer instead. Big parties didn’t matter though, every morning on my birthday I would wake up to a decorated house and have whatever home made cake I requested. Also every year on my birthday my grandparents would call me and sing happy birthday to me :).  As a mother, I have continued this with my daughter and will always fill her room with balloons on her birthday morning and have also made her whatever cake she requested. (Which stresses me out and every year I say I am not going to do it the next year but then I see how excited she is so I will).  I have to assume now that my mom always made a big deal out of my birthday, of course because she loves me, but also because my mom had a pretty tough labor with me and realized that there was a chance that she could have lost me and even her own life.

29 Years ago my mom delivered me at  11:58pm on Feb. 15. 1983.  I was 4 weeks early.  She went into the hospital Valentine’s day around 6 p.m. and started pushing the next day at noon. Almost 12 hrs later (30 hours total) I had started to come out but got stuck so they pushed me back and ending up preforming an emergency c-section.  She has a huge incision from it but at least everyone was fine 🙂

I know that me delivering at home scares my mom but I am very happy that she has started going to events with me and learning about everything I am experiencing. SO just wanted to of course say Happy birthday to me, and happy 29 year delivery anniversary to my mom!


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