Birth Classes

Last night was my second birth class and I have to say I am getting very excited for Labor…as crazy as that may sound !

Our classes take place in my midwife’s house and we get to sit on a super comfy couch which is much nicer then the folding chairs in a boring room that we had to sit in during our classes we took with our first daughter.  It is also so nice to be in a room of people that are planning home births as well, so you automatically have a deeper connection with them instead of just “oh yeah, your having a baby too.” Last night we talked about everything we will need for the birth and started talking about the stages of birth.  To give everyone an idea of contractions we had to hold ice cubes in our hand for a minute.  It was funny to see how quick Dave let go of the ice.  After we learned how important the exhale is when your breathing we held the ice again. It was pretty amazing that even with the freezing pain up to your elbow it didn’t seem so bad when you were relaxed and breathing.

Last night a girl in class had the great idea to take a pic of all of us and exchange contact information. Luckily, Dave came right from shooting an event so he had his camera so of course I made him take one too!


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