Osage Orange

Last year at the farmers market Charley noticed a funny looking fruit that I was instantly curious about. It was a bright green color and had a bumpy/squiggled texture, it was called an osage orange.  I don’t know that I could ever eat one but I knew I wanted to buy them and show them off!  The guy told me that they are great for repelling spiders and other insects…sold!!  As I was talking to him a girl came over and was grabbing tons of them, her boyfriend was laughing saying she has them everywhere in her house and that if she could she would make a necklace out of them and sleep with them!  When I looked up more information on them they are a very interesting fruit in deed!!  Needless to say I will buy them again for sure, their look is so unique and deterring bugs is a bonus!


4 thoughts on “Osage Orange

  1. I always see these spider fruits but have yet to buy one…. I’ll have to pick one up cuz our new house has loads of spiders!

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