Daddy/daughter Dance

At almost every wedding that I shoot I get a little teary-eyed at some point or another, and at some I straight up cry until I laugh (normally because Dave is laughing at me, unless it is at a moment that he is a little teary-eyed too).  In many cases it is during the daddy/daughter dance..I always think of the day that Dave will be giving our daughter away to a *very* lucky man and sharing this dance with her.  I have adored the love between him and Charley since day one and know that they will forever have an amazing bond.  She often reminds me that daddy is her best friend.

I was explaining this to our assistant photographer tonight before the parent dances but it wasn’t until half way through the mother/ son dance that it hit me-  I will one day be dancing with my son on his wedding day… yes of course I started crying.  … and yes Dave laughed at me, which I was thankful for- so I could stop crying.

While I am in no hurry to get to the age of when my children are getting married,  I am so excited to meet my little man.  I am already so in love with him and I haven’t seen him yet.

One thought on “Daddy/daughter Dance

  1. Aww Candice! I love reading your blogs ♥ Makes me tear up but I just adore the way you express your feelings as a strong mama!

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