Man oh man has it been too long since I have touched this blog! Oops! Our wedding season kicked off the second week of May so my goal was to have everything I needed for the baby taken care of before then.  Thanks to my super nesting abilities that are in over drive right now  I was able to get Charley’s room set up ( the baby and Charley will be sharing) (thank you to my hubby for putting the crib together!), all of my birth supplies in order (thank you to my mom for going shopping with me), every closet in the house ,as well as some drawers and other areas cleaned out and organized, yard in order ,stocked up on everything that I could so I don’t have to worry about shopping as much after the baby, made grocery lists for trader joes after baby , and some work related things tied up too.  This has been wonderful to get accomplished but I have obviously put this blog on hold.  I still have tons of info I want to get on here too so this is going to have to be a main to do now!  With all of this going on I have realized how much more I am going to rely on a set schedule… I have always loved having schedules and I can not function without one.

Charley recently moved up to Pre-K, which I am soo excited about and so is she. I have changed her school schedule to have mondays off and after 2 weeks of this I am so happy about this decision. After shooting weddings all weekend I hated just spending part of the day sunday with her and then having to send her to school the next morning, now we can relax and run some errands such as bank,post office,  chiropractor and trader joe’s (which she loves going to and gets mad when I go without her ).   I also put together my work schedule that I will have to stick to to be fair to everyone! This way work is done when it is work time not in between coloring, playing hide and seek, and folding laundry and more importantly on my one day a week where I am doing nothing but hanging out with my kid she knows that and I don’t have to care about anything else in the world.  Now I just have to designate a blog hour a week (one hr a week…I can do that right?!)

Since I just took a nap at 9pm (yes you read that right) I am writing this now(midnight) and making my list of to-dos for here.  If I write this down and tell you about it I will have to do it! (next on blog is some of my fav items that I could not live without and how I’m not gonna lie- I am kinda sad knowing I only have 7 more weeks of being pregnant-ever!)

Well I have now finished my bowl of left over dinner and want to go back to bed now so I am not tired for my appointment tomorrow morning with my midwife, Goldie!! Can’t wait to hear what she has to say about my very active little man!!


Here is Charley on her first day of Pre-K. She was so excited she wanted to wear a dress and have her hair done!


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