Oh boy, oh Breech boy…

Today I am 35 weeks along, only 5 more to go! (hopefully no more than 5!!)

It has been an interesting last 2 weeks though, you see 2 weeks ago at my appointment we found out that my little man was breech.  I decided then not to go telling everyone just because I didn’t want anyone feeding me fear or stress.  I wasn’t really worried  since even if he did not flip I knew my midwife would be able to deliver him.  I was confident that everything would be okay.  She told me then that it would be easier to turn him then before he got too big so she gave me some suggestions:

*Hang upside down on an inversion table  ( luckily my neighbor’s have one so I did not have to rig up my ironing board!)

*Take pulsatilla (The windflower is one of the great homeopathic polychrests (drug of many uses). This herb has long been used to change unfavorable presentations prior to the onset of labor)

*Put pepermint oil at the top of my stomach ( creating a cooling effect that the baby won’t like and want to get away from)

*Talking to the baby


Last week I went to a candle light yoga class and the instructor also showed me a pose to help (puppy dog pose- picture child’s pose but with your booty up in the air!) and told me to replace my office chair with a yoga ball.

I took the pills and did the yoga pose every night, I hung upside down twice , put peppermint oil on a few times, switched out my office chair, and talked to him about being in the right spot a handful of times..

A couple days after my last appointment I had a dream that he had turned and woke up from him moving….I would love to know if that was when he did turn for sure, but either way I am happy to say that he is now where he is supposed to be 🙂      Yay!!!

Just wanted to share my good news and the suggestions incase anyone else is in a similar boat.  If he wouldn’t have turned by today I would have looked for a chiropractor that has studied webster’s technique .  ( mine does not practice it)


6 thoughts on “Oh boy, oh Breech boy…

  1. I’m so glad he turned- great advice from your advisors. I enjoyed reading your blog today! Big smile on my face 🙂

  2. P.S. I finally watched TBOBB… I cried my eyes out, and my husband did too. Very emotional. Good of you to spread good information to others, it truly is power. xo

  3. Great News! I was going to suggest a chiropractor to you though if you needed Webster done–my daughter was posterior, and at 39weeks changed to anterior because of the adjustments!

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