A little sneak from my friends birth

During my first birth class months ago I chatted with a girl that was also a photographer and planning a home birth with my midwife -obviously since she was in my class 😉 We decided to switch information and become friends and I couldn’t be happier that we did!  As her due date approached I told her if she wanted me to photograph her birth I would be honored but totally understood if she didn’t want me there…and even if she wanted me to but then changed her mind I would not get upset. I told her that she could let me know whenever and no pressure. She eventually said yes she wanted me to (YAY!! ) but I reminded her that I wanted her to be comfortable so just to let me know if anything changed. (crossing my fingers the whole time that she would want me there).

Her due date came and went and quite a few more days went too, and as outside pressures started in I felt even more of a bond with her that I needed to help her remember that she and her baby were healthy, he would come when he was ready, that due dates are nothing set in stone and it is just because of our culture that it is unheard of to go past 42 weeks.   As my due date approached I was a little scared that I would end up having my baby first and she would hate me forever for it!… luckily that didn’t happen and she went into labor on my due date 🙂 Labor slowed down but picked back up the next morning and I got a wonderful call from our birth assistant that she wanted me there. I told her I would let her see all the pics before posting but I just have to sneak a couple that I adore.  Thank you soooo much for having me there, it was an experience I will never forget and always treasure.  I am sooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!



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