Mommas’ Sweet Candy Buffet

Recently one of my clients (and a friend of hers) started their own candy buffet business.  I told her that I was going to be having a little “girls day in” instead of a shower and asked if she would be interested in setting up a display.  I will say that I was positive that she was going to regret telling me yes since I can be a pain when it comes to food.  I am gluten free and try to avoid artificial dyes and colors, so I wanted the candy to reflect that.  My baby boy has a robot theme in his room so she wanted to play off that as well.  She was more than accommodating and I was very happy with the results!!! She had everything approved by me and although we did end up with a couple exceptions to the artificial dyes and colors, it was minimal and that made me (and all the other moms) very happy.  Even the candy bags were organic and dye-free!! Thanks again Kristen! Check Mommas’ Sweet Candy Buffet out on facebook!

All natural gummi bears (Charley’s fav) and natural caramels from trader joes

Clear rock candy…. no artificial dyes here 🙂

Organic and naturally flavored hard candies and suckers

and some not so natural candies…but hey, no one is perfect right 😉

In addition to filling a candy bag, each kid got to take one of these awesome edible robot favors home.

Kristen had also asked about making robots out of marshmallows and other edible treats…I laughed and said I planned on doing this already..for anyone who has seen Charley “smore marshmallows” you will know how I got the idea. (She doesn’t like chocolate so is always just sticking pretzels into marshmallows to have a handle to eat them.  I used organic fruit leathers for the mouth strips, marshmallows, pretzels and marshmallow fluff for “glue” but finding natural candy for this was hard !! They had fun though!


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