41 weeks …

As I expected my little man would take his time getting here.  I have felt great and had no complaints this pregnancy, honestly I have really enjoyed it. The last week  I have gotten a little uncomfortable at times and started really wishing that he would hurry up and get here..and I’m not gonna lie yesterday I cried at least 3 times (still not really sure why)….but I know that he will be here whenever he is ready.  It did make me very happy at one point yesterday that I walked out and Charley told me that I looked beautiful. Today after having a super lazy morning I met up with one of my dearest friends and had a wonderful afternoon shopping and walking around.  I timed my contractions for an hour at 2 different times today and although they are regular and close together they are not super strong and not getting worse so I figure there is no point in really keeping track…and besides I have more important things to do…. like dance with my 4 year old.


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