42 weeks!

My last week has been full of questions such as,” What happens if you don’t have the baby by 42 weeks?!”, and “When is he gonna get here?!”  I just smile and say he will come when he is ready.  I was just driving and realized that had I chosen to have an Ob/gyn deliver my baby that I would have had to gone in for a scheduled c-section today ..just because in today’s world something is wrong if you go past 42 weeks.  I experienced a crazy mix of emotions thinking about how disappointed I would have been having to go in for a c-section today “just because”  and then I was so happy and grateful thinking about the wonderful amounts of support from my midwife, family, and friends that I have gotten along this journey of my (eventually will happen) HBAC.

My baby does not have a calendar or an alarm clock with him inside my body and only knows that when he is ready to come into this world he will.  It would be so unfortunate though to have a c-section and then find out my dates were off and really he still had some growing to do.  That would have been so unfair to my baby and to me to have to under-go a major surgery again.  A few weeks ago(when my friend was dealing with the pressures of being over-due) I was searching for some good articles about the magical number of 42 weeks and came across a great article about post dates on TheUnnecesarean.com

Yes, of course I would have loved if he would have joined us already but I know he will be here soon and that I can not stay pregnant forever…so I’ll will just enjoy the last days of him in my tummy and wonder a little bit more of what he will look like.


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