I’m trying…

So I have had a tab open on my computer for a couple weeks now so that it would save me the 3 seconds of opening it when I was ready to type a blog but every time I sit down at my computer my “to- do” list is underneath my “must-do” list and I never make it to the bottom of it.  As a business owner I feel obligated to put work before personal “work” and with going from our busy season to holidays I’m always playing catch up. Right now I have photos uploading so I am technically still working while writing my personal blog 😉

My baby, Ronin, is almost 4 months old already and I have been meaning to write about the ups and downs of a 3 month old baby well for almost a month now.  It is wonderful to see all the ways your baby is growing and developing, the smiles, coos, little laughs, and most recent for us “raspberries”.  I am amazed at how he is constantly rolling over and pulling himself up to sit. While it is great that a baby at the age can do so many new things, they still can’t sit on their own and if you have a baby like mine that REALLY wants to, it means that you have to sit them up and hold them like that so they can look all around. Don’t get me wrong I love doing this but you can only sit like this for so long.  If Ronin was blogging, I am sure he would tell me that he is sick off laying on the floor looking at a ceiling fan or a light or whatever other limited view he has so that is why he wants to sit up so bad.

3 months is hard thought mainly because all of your help from family and friends dies down and you are supposed to be back in your every day routine.  I personally don’t know how single mom’s or mom’s that have a husband who works away from home for long hours do it…there is no way I could have stayed as sane as I have without the help from my husband.  He has put our older daughter to bed (almost) every night and has helped with things like shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

It is also a frustrating time because you kinda want some time to yourself but then you have to prioritize what is really gonna be worth it. Also you want to look like you didn’t just have a baby but for most of us that takes a bit more time.  I have no problem when I have Ronin with me but if I go anywhere without him I want to constantly say..I have a 3 month old, don’t judge my pooch or my under eye circles, or my hair not being done because it is falling out like CRAZY!!!  Add in the still not getting much sleep and some days you just cry for no reason at all on top of the normal getting spit- up on etc. and well somedays I’m amazed at what I do get done.  But I will say that when that baby smiles at me and when I kiss the back of his head (well really I try to absorb into him) nothing else matters.

The 3 blogs I really want to finish are 1.tips on what to do (and what not to-do) for someone who just had a baby 2. to mom’s newly pregnant and 3. about breastfeeding.

I have had many conversations about these topics since I have had Ronin and think that it would be just silly for me not to blog about it.  I have compiled all kinds of great stuff and I am anxious to get it on here (as well as update my site overall!) At least this will give me something to do now that our “slow season” is almost here. Of course now that I started this my little man, who must be growing through a growth spurt, wants to eat again…so good bye for now but not for long.  If only starbucks was open 24 hrs a day 😉


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