White Wild Indigo

I have to share one of the sweetest poem books I’ve seen in a while. I planned on sharing this in April for poetry month but with my oldest child turning 10 that month, April flew by…I’m positive it was only two weeks long. So now Spring is certainly here and as my lavender plants are growing taller and more fragrant it reminded me that I needed to share this gem with you.whitewildindigo-2252

I was excited about this book not only because of what it held from cover to cover, but because of the author as well. Jet Widick, the force behind the popular Gluten Free Sage blog, spent 15 years living with undiagnosed Celiac Disease. ( I have been gluten free for 10 years and am always trying to heal physically and spiritual with nature so I’m a fan of hers.) She spent 15 years unable to maintain physical health, with no clue why she was so ill. Once her diagnosis gave a face to her once invisible enemy, she took charge of her life and became a passionate advocate for healthy physical, spiritual and emotional living earning the nickname Jet from her children. During her transformation Jet discovered the healing power of writing, is now the author of three illustrated poetry books for children and adults that focus on promoting self-love and the power of a healthy life. Her latest book, White Wild Indigo is full of poems that elementary age children can read, while delivering messages of hope, inspiration, and living in the present that bring smiles to faces of all ages.whitewildindigo-2261

I have enjoyed this book countless times now, outside with the sun shining and breeze blowing, as well as reading to my kids in their bed before they fall asleep.  Every poem in the book made me think of an experience I’ve had, or of a loved one.  The illustrations and hand lettering are whimsical, dreamy, and accompany the poems perfectly. This book is great for adults and children, everyone can enjoy it! Let me know if you love it as much as I do!  You can get your copy HERE!whitewildindigo-2258


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