Gluten Free Soul Pilot

You may or may not that I have been gluten free for over 10 years. I like to say I was gluten free before it was cool 😉 I’ll tell you this though… I am certainly not gluten free just for fun.  I was having lots of health issues that could not be figured out. A Dr. had recommended a procedure that might have held off my symptoms for a while but I wanted a real cure. That is when I decided to look into more natural healing and explored food intolerances.   When I first found out I couldn’t have gluten (and dairy) I cried… like ugly cried. How would I ever be able to live without pretzels and cheese?!  It was hard at first, very very hard but once I began to feel better it made it much easier to live without food that was not helpful to me.  Gluten free wasn’t as easy to manage then in the every day world as it is now… I am very thankful there are so many gluten free options and that people are aware of it.  I learned very quickly that gluten free processed foods are nice to have once in a while but they are often very processed or high in sugar so it is always best to stick with real food that is naturally gluten free. I don’t do a lot of pre mixed seasonings or marinades I keep it real simple and that has made managing gluten free food really easy.  I was often discouraged when I looked for gluten free recipes because they required so many ingredients that I would always just come back to the basics.  Now basic does not mean boring.  When choosing food you can ask yourself if it will be helpful to you, will it heal you and nourish you? ..or….will it harm you?  When you switch to eating food to nourish your body it becomes a new kind of joy that feels way better than any amount of gluten (or any food you can’t tolerate) could ever taste.

To say I was excited about this book I’m about to tell you about would be an understatement. I went crazy with post its marking recipes and motivational quotes! People often ask me to send them all my gluten free recipes and I always recommend sticking to naturally gluten free foods, just eat real food, naturally gluten free food and you’ll be good. But that isn’t always helpful enough.  I came across the book “Gluten Free Soul Pilot” by: Jet Widick & Kristen Alden and I thought how perfect it was.  The book is straightforward and simple but so much more than just a cook book. It uses well researched principles and proven practices to guide readers through a personal “flight route.” A personal plan that targets your individual needs to achieve better physical, spiritual, and emotion health.


This book has inspiring quotes, sayings, and poems. It will guide you through figuring out your core values (I LOVE the page on this), set goals, setting a timeline that is achievable and has so many delicious recipes!!  I’m a huge fan of everything in the fridge salad.. I do this often. I’m looking forward to summer to try out the sweet corn and watermelon salad and on my next camping trip I am certainly doing the campfire potatoes and sweet onions! bookreviews-4793bookreviews-4797bookreviews-4787bookreviews-4786

I posted about another book of Jet’s before, a beautiful poem book titled, “White Wild Indigo.” Jet is also responsible for the popular Gluten Free Sage blog.  In addition to being a poet and author she is a wellness expert and advocate for Celiac Disease who continues to share her story and work to spread wellness and inspire others.   Kristen is an independent creative consultant and graphic designer. Throughout her years as a creative and communications expert, her passion for health and wellness has inspired her to be part of projects whose missions were to help others better themselves.  Jet and Kristen said that their primary message with this book was:  Everyone can feel well, hit their goals, and be the person they know in their heart they came here to be. Whether you are aware of them or not, you have values for every part of your life. Like a compass, our core values keep us on course. You can find your True North by discovering your core values, true desires, and creating the habits that point yourself in the direction of how you want to feel, live, and love each day.  It’s much simpler than we think.

Sounds pretty great right? Not sure where to start? Jet and Kristen recommend that First, make self care a priority. Give yourself the nutrition, sleep and sacred space that is essential for you to discover your core values and pay attention to how you want to feel. Learn how to be fully present so you can nourish your soul with exactly what it needs. 

I agree 🙂

You are only one pause away from being present and you always have the chance to begin again.

If you think you’ll love this book as much as I do you can click HERE to buy it. It makes a great gift as well!! Let me know if you loved it as much as I did. I know I plan on making the how we roll breakfast casserole for Christmas morning! bookreviews-4803bookreviews-4801bookreviews-4791bookreviews-4799bookreviews-4778


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