Brett Fleishman Poems|Book review

I’m happy to tell you about three fun poem books that I had the pleasure of reviewing, and even more so than me, my children.  My son is six years old and my daughter is ten.  They like and recommend  all three of the books I’m about to talk about! 3 out of 3 is pretty great!!

“Toilet Trouble” Poems for beginner readers (grades K-2), “Take A Hike!” Poems for intermediate readers (grades 3-5), and “Bedtime Story” for advanced readers (grades 5-7) include fun illustrations, jokes, puzzles and quirky wordplay, and they’re a perfect fit for a childlike sense of humor! All three books are written by : Brett Fleishman.

The books open with a lovely quote that reads:

“Always dream big. It’s OK if you do.  If you don’t there is no way that our dream will ever come true.” 

bookreviews-4807bookreviews-4809bookreviews-4848“Toilet Trouble” is written by Brett Fleishman and Illustrated by David Harston.

This one was the favorite out of the three for my youngest.  My daughter still enjoyed it and thought it was clever how some of the poems utilized classic poems but had a twist on them or a role reversal.  bookreviews-4816bookreviews-4815bookreviews-4817bookreviews-4813bookreviews-4850“Take a Hike!” written by Brett Fleishman and Illustrated by David Harston. This book of poems is recommended for readers in grades 3-5. Mine enjoyed reading this one together and this one was named a top pick for them because of the puns, and the activities in it! As a parent my favorite poem was the one titled Somebody Else.  It encourages the reader to think about someone other than themselves and acknowledge them..maybe with a phone call or a hug.  This one made me tear up a bit as I read it, so I don’t want to ruin it for you. It ends with a sweet reminder that reads, “Think of somebody else and I’m sure you will find it feels nice to be selfless and thoughtful and kind.”bookreviews-4849bookreviews-4831bookreviews-4833bookreviews-4823“Bedtime Story” is for readers grades 5-7. Also written by Brett Fleishman, this one is illustrated by Sam White.  My daughter really enjoyed this one. My son enjoyed her reading it to him, and the both laughed hysterically at some of the poems and images! This book really utilizes Brett’s favorite wordplays of puns and idioms. You will find a (p) next to puns and an (i) next to idioms. He defines them for readers that don’t know and he explains what makes the puns and idioms funny.  So readers are learning while having fun! Three of my daughter’s favorites were: Christopher Blass. Town Pool. (lots of laughs here) Manure Machine.bookreviews-4825bookreviews-4828bookreviews-4830bookreviews-4826I would love to know what your favorites were!!!! As always thanks for reading!!!

You can purchase the books through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound and read more about the Author here

Happy everything to you and yours!!!


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