Pippin No Lickin’ |Book Review

At one time or another I’m sure every parent has experienced a time where their child has wanted to skip a bath, or maybe even struggle with it on a regular basis.  If that sounds familiar you might want to check this book out. Even if your kid LOVES baths I’m certain they will still love this book, and it might even make them love baths even more. I know mine take a stand on baths once in a while…which I never understand because they always love them once they are in the tub.  Maybe there is something else that your child feels strongly about.  I (almost)always appreciate their strong willed mind sets but we do have talks about how our actions can effect others as well and this book does a great job with that.

The book I think you’ll enjoy is from author and musician Layne Ihde  and is about his feline friend Pippin! In “Pippin No Lickin’” young readers will learn the importance of personal hygiene and taking responsibility for how their actions affect their peers, and also develop an understanding of selfishness.  Baths aside, any child can enjoy this vibrant and fun book!


Ihde’s 20 years of experience as a songwriter transfers seamlessly to his writing and rhyming craft, giving ​”Pippin No Lickin’” a​ Dr. Suess feel. With bright images and a song-song meter, parents and children alike will enjoy this introduction to an immediately classic and memorable character in Pippin the cat. By showcasing beautiful and colorful illustrations by Linda Pierce throughout the book, young readers are able to learn and discuss colors. Educational and hilarious, ​this book fosters children’s imagination with a vibrant and endearing story.bookreviews-4846bookreviews-4838

bookreviews-4839Do you think Pippin will take a bath? My kids loved this adorable story, the bright images, and also how the book feels.  Let me know how your kids liked it!!!

You can read more about the author and purchase the book HERE. 

bookreviews-4841bookreviews-4840bookreviews-4837As always, thanks for reading!




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