Adult Conversation a novel by: Brandy Ferner| Book Review

This book came with me wherever I went begging to be read, it moved from desk,  to nightstand, to couch, to truck, to a plane ride from Detroit to South Korea and into Indonesia and back and then finally after a few weeks of quarantine due to Covid 19 one night as my kids played out in the front yard I grabbed a blanket, this book, and my water and sat in a chair on my front porch. Page one my inner monologue is all “oh my gosh why the heck didn’t you start this earlier” this first page has me hooked and I’m already texting some mom friends, “You have to read this book” “I’m reading this book, I just started reading it and I know you’ll appreciate it.”  Sadly I couldn’t finish the whole book during that beautiful time that felt like a vacation.

As time went on I continued to move this book around with me to finish it and then I realized maybe I should just keep the book in the bathroom to read when I’m hiding in there for some alone time. Maybe I’ll plan a read in so the kids can read a bunch and I can too…but then I always feel like I need to read something that they could read too just incase they want to look…

but as time goes on every time I yell “I’m on the toilet!” or say “I am feeling frustrated and need a moment”….this book calls to me.bookreviews -6683

My kids are older now and I certainly went through dark times of losing myself and then fun wild times of attempting to find myself again when they were younger and this journey has been well hey maybe one day I’ll write a book too, but I can relate to so much in this book and I know plenty of other mamas can too. A couple months ago I spent 9 days in Bali “finding myself” and I’ll always recommend you do that if you have the chance but until then just read this book.  ALL the Feels.

I started tagging pages that I felt in my soul and quickly realized I would be tagging A LOT!

bookreviews -6690

Brandy, the author of this book (just released May 5th, 2020) and this book were featured in a NYT article about the growing trend of momcations. Check that article out here.

Adult Conversation is a frankly told story about two women who embark to reclaim autonomy against the stifling expectations and demands of marriage and motherhood, and hit the road on a hilarious odyssey through the seedy depths of Sin City, the modern day Gomorrah otherwise known as Las Vegas, Nevada. What culminates is a tale of self-discovery, empowerment, and the importance of female friendship.


Brandy Ferner is a parenting expert whose writing has previously appeared on Good Morning America, the Huffington Post, Romper, CafeMom, and TODAY Parents. She is also a doula, childbirth educator, and birth trauma mentor, who specializes in helping women through transitions into motherhood. You can read more about her on her site and purchase the book there. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!!!

Thank you Ellen for the honor or reading and reviewing this book and trip down self reflection lane!



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