At Home learning activities and resources for kids (and you!)

Here we are over nine weeks into a stay at home order (at least thats the case in Michigan)… How are you doing?? .. Really?

Take a big inhale and an even bigger exhale.

I’m happy you are here.

This is hard, your feelings are valid, and everything is temporary, even though sometimes it feels like forever. All across the world, we are all in this storm, we are all in different boats for sure, but all in a collective trauma. I trust that we will get through this and hope we all will have learned something about ourselves along the way and hopefully we can move forward with more empathy, compassion, and grace.

In the beginning of quarantine I was so thankful for the amount of resources available but also a little overwhelmed to do it all! Eventually I started picking and choosing what worked for me, my kids, in each moment. Sometimes that meant doing everything I could to catch a free live class, other times that meant finding myself alone and stumbling across one I had never heard about but then attending and being so thankful I did, other times it meant doing nothing, nothing at all.

I highly recommend some time of nothing at all as well as meditation. If you find yourself trying to feel the space with constant “doing” it takes away from you just “being.”

I do think it is incredible that there are so many resources right now to dive into so just make sure you do what speaks to you or maybe step outside your comfort zone and look into something you wouldn’t normally entertain.

I want to recommend some activities for you to look through and see if they call to you! Maybe you do them now, or maybe later. Save this link for a day where you find yourself needing to explore, learn, create. Would love to know what you did and what you thought!!

Huge thank you to Books Forward for sharing this info with me so I can share to all of you!

They are offering more than 30 virtual learning sessions with authors from diverse genres, perfect for kids,  teens, parents, teachers, librarians, and avid readers.

Some of the authors in the list I have blogged about in the past with book reviews and still really enjoy their books so I’m excited to connect with their talents some more.

Poetry fans, or if you want to introduce your kid(s) to poetry check out Jet Widick! Link to my past book review of her poems, here.

My kids loved this book too!  Now you can also get involved with STEM story times and invention exploration with the author of Dr. Brainchild.

Other opportunities include custom writing instructional videos for classes from YA novelist J. Elle, virtual writing groups hosted by USA TODAY-bestselling author Jenny Milchman,  exercise sessions for kids or adults with fifth-degree blackbelt Tori Eldridge or Pilates instructor Dani Alpert, and much more!
Story times, workshops and classes cover everything from writing & poetry, personal development, mental and physical health, nature & science, history & literature, business, and  humor!


Full list HERE.

Happy reading, writing, listening, creating, exploring, learning, moving, growing, and caring!!!!

Big Virtual Hugs to you all!!!!!!!!

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