Good Life Naturals

When a friend asks you if you are interested in trying out a granola they are helping to promote that is gluten free and non- gmo you say Yes. When you go to the companies instagram profile and see it says;

Made in West Michigan. Healthy Ketchup, All Natural Granola and Authentic Mexican Salsa.

You say Heck Yes!

Go ahead look for yourself! Instagram : @GoodLifeNaturals

When the package arrived it felt like a holiday! The packaging is cute, has all the information you need to know on it, you are able to actually see the granola you are getting, and best part resealable bag so if you don’t eat it all in one sitting you can seal it up for the next time!

Good life granola
Good life granola

I had the pleasure of sampling their Original Blend, Apple Crisp, and Cranberry Cherry.

The Original Blend is made with Hearty gluten-free oats, pecans, and almonds, combined with the sweetness of pure maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon. An Artisan blend of the perfect balance of flavors.

The Apple Crisp is also made with Hearty gluten-free oats and almonds, combined with the sweetness of pure maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon and also has dried apples!

The Cranberry Cherry combines the tartness of chopped cranberries and the sweetness of cherries with maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon to their gluten free oats.

Good life granola
Good life granola
Good life granola

You could eat any and all of their flavors straight out of the bag, or added to a yogurt, ice cream, or pour it in a bowl with your preferred milk. I’m personally dairy free so I can say it was delicious on coconut ice cream and with coconut milk. I would love to know how you prefer to eat your granola?

I loved them all, the original is a must. The Cranberry Cherry reminds me of road trips to the West side of the state and the Apple Crisp is comforting and makes me feel like I’m being hugged or curled up under a warm blanket! Be sure to let me know what your favorite is.

Be sure to like their page on Facebook, follow on instagram, and head to their site to order!!!

Good life granola
Good life granola
Good life granola

Thank you Holly and Tom for the opportunity!!! Loved the granola so much!


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