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My midwife: Goldie was highly referred and I felt very comfortable with her the moment I talked to her.  She took time checking up on me before I had officially “chosen” her.  Very confident about my delivery because of her experience.

I exchanged emails and phone calls with multiple midwives and doulas here are some other links to some wonderful people!

Eileen and her team were very professional and organized .

I did not speak with, but heard wonderful things about Wendy 

Oakland and Macomb birth doula, Stacy

To anyone who wants an OBGYN that will respect a woman’s body and trust it’s natural ability I recommend Dr. Cayle.  I went to him and he was wonderful, If I didn’t want a home birth so bad I would for sure continue seeing him!

A wonderful article about why you should have a natural birth!

Live with Awareness hosts lots of wonderful events, they will be opening a new birthing center soon!

Great book for children that will be a big brother or sister soon and will be a part of the birth/ homebirth experience! cute, informative, and affordable!  Ordered mine and received within days, couldn’t have been happier! Order We’re having a homebirth!! here

Here is a great article about hospital procedures that will ruin your birth:


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