Mommy’s night Before Christmas|Book Review

Halloween seems like yesterday and Thanksgiving will be here in what feels like a couple days and then yup, you guessed it… CHRISTMAS! Although the holiday music has started weeks ago as well as the holiday decorations in the store, I personally try not to rush Christmas although it is always nice to have everything done in plenty of time that the Holidays can actually be enjoyed! Ready to start (or continue) shopping? I have to share this adorable Christmas book with you!!

Any parent knows that the night before Christmas isn’t all sweet treats and glowing joy it actually requires a lot of effort, and more often than not, a few tears (oh yeah, from the kids too!). In the tongue-in-cheek picture book Mommy’s Night Before Christmas (Shimmer Publications), author Katie Caroll doesn’t shy away from the stressed-out realities of a holiday-planning parent, with hilarious results!

My personal favorite line was the one about ornaments needing mending, anyone else have a pile of ornaments that need repairs?!!! I have light sabers, arms, and noses needing to be attached and my ten year old’s first Christmas frame still needs a picture in it (second kid problems) I can’t be the only one?! Oh, and the elf… how many night’s do parents wake in panic on if it has been moved?!

The perfect stocking stuffer for moms who need a bit of holiday cheer-ing (and kids who enjoy fun quirky picture books), this humorous take on the classic Christmas poem by Clement C. Moore takes the concept of the serene night before Christmas and turns it on its head. Instead of visions of sugar plums, the children are teething and playing loudly. There are presents to be wrapped and ornaments to be mended. Just when Mommy and Daddy take a moment to relax, a noise outside alerts them to a surprise visitor. But Mommy’s determined not to let anyone–not even Santa Claus himself–disturb the sleeping children on Christmas Eve.

Children and parents alike will be entertained and delighted by this new classic Christmas story! It’s a great gift for all the moms who make Christmas so special!

You can read more about the author Katie L. Carroll and order from her site HERE.

Get your copy here from Barnes&Noble.

Don’t forget during all the holiday hustle remember to take a moment to yourself, to breathe, and to be present! Merry Christmas!!! Oh, and hey there Mama,Mom, Ma, Mother, Bruh… whatever name your littles call you… Know that YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!


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