Demand organic and free-range food!

On this page I will share information about good nutrition, holistic care, chiropractic care, exercise and relaxing.

Check out my cousin’s granola line. It is gluten free, vegan, and the fruit is organic!…ohh…..and let me say it tastes AMAZING!!!   Check out my blog on it Here.

My husband, daughter,son,sister, many friends, and I see Dr. Bence as our chiropractor .  It is amazing how important chiropractor care is and it is not just for back pain!! It improves and maintains your overall health and quality of life.

Fevers are your body fighting for you.  I have always said I wouldn’t even think about worrying until 104 and last night when my daughter was at 103.9 I looked for some info on fevers over 104. … I also asked myself what would someone do if I took her in that I couldn’t do at home ( She just had a fever- wasn’t losing any fluids)  I wouldn’t want to give her tylenol or any other drug and she was eating and drinking regularly as well as geting lots of rest so really we decided to just keep her comfortable. Once it reached 104 we did give a luke warm bath , give her a popsicle, and left her feet out of the light sheet she insisted on being covered up with. The next morning she was much better 🙂  After all the new reading I have done I’ll be on the watch at 104 but not worried til 107 🙂

I had this pinned from a while ago from another blog HERE  . After I posted that on Facebook someone game me a really informative article HERE and I found  a quick informative read on if high fevers can cause brain damage HERE


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  1. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago searching for something completely off topic. I remembered reading this post on fevers, which came in handy today because my little 18 month old got a fever while we were at the pediatrician’s office. I was happy because she was about to go on her rant about getting the MMR, and since he had a fever he couldn’t get it and I didn’t have to argue my points to her. YAY! Pretty much last time I declined it she wasn’t happy, and has been pushing it each visit since. We don’t have to go back until his two year check up so I am happy. Hopefully he can fight off his illness quickly though, because of course I don’t want him to suffer.

    • yay! So happy to hear you didn’t have to be pressured again. Way to stand up for yourself mama!! Do you use elderberry? It is a natural Immunity booster, I always give whenever anyone is run down to help prevent getting sick. Hope he gets better soon, rest and cuddles till then! ❤

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