getting near the end!

I am now 38 weeks, it seems crazy…part of me feels like I haven’t been pregnant for very long at all and another part of me can not recall what I ever looked like without this belly.  I will say that as excited as I am to meet my little man…I know that I will for sure miss feeling his craziness in my belly. Also, I am not gonna lie, I have enjoyed the compliments that I have gotten about looking good this pregnancy and about how amazed people are that I was working as much as I was. I have had people offer to pump my gas, carry groceries to car, take back grocery carts, give up their seats for me and offer me dessert 🙂 It has been very nice!!  In the past week those comments have changed to a lot more about how I look like I am gonna have this baby any day and that I must be having a boy.  (hopefully no one thinks I am selfish for enjoying all that, but I will say I think anyone that has been in my shoes knows how awesome it is.)

Something else I will miss is how bad Charley wants her brother here.  I absolutely love watching her feel my belly and listening to her laugh when he goes crazy, it melts my heart when she surprises me with a kiss on my belly and then asks,”When is My baby gonna be here?!!”  She is sooooo ready for him to be here!!

Last week was my last week of shooting sessions and now I just have to finish editing all of them! All of my to-dos at home are done (mostly….but I’m sure I will think of more to do) and this week I am just trying to have some fun with my family.  We enjoyed a family weekend without a wedding(crazy!!) and then surprised Charley yesterday by picking her up from school and taking her to the sterling inn to have fun at the water park.  Today I spent two hours at the spa with one of my dearest friends, my Aunt Mishelle, which was absolute heaven and then got to enjoy a double date movie night!! Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I plan to take Charley to a parade and of course fireworks at night and then hopefully after all this fun she will sleep in for me on thursday!!!!!  (fingers crossed!!)   What will really happen is that she will wake up extra early though so I should really go to bed now and just stick to my plan of getting the rest of my work done on friday when she is in school!



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