Book Review|Urban Playground What kids say about living in San Francisco

Happy belated Mother’s day and happy day who even knows anymore of quarantine for us here in Michigan, what about you?!

Some of you may have found your self reading more during this time, some maybe wanting to read more but still figuring out how with more time we somehow have less time?!Or Maybe you are “essential” and have been working even more and longing for a break to relax. Whatever your situation is, a reminder to take a big breath and be kind to yourself and if you need a book to read I can recommend some! Many of us have been spending more time in our homes and what better time to look at how special that can be ,of course there may be challenges, but we can remember that although apart we are together, and families may look and live differently sure but everyone deserves to be loved and cared for. No matter where we live and how we live we are all connected.

Urban Playground| What kids say about living in San Francisco

Written by: Katie Burke

Urban Playground

I was most excited about this book because I am always fascinated by people and their individual stories. As a mother, I know first hand that kids can be the greatest story tellers, and in a lot of ways the greatest teachers so the fact that this book is a bunch of interviews with children on their daily life in San Francisco was really exciting for me. Whenever I travel I always try to visit the “normal” (what does normal even mean anymore) areas not just the touristy ones. My favorite memories of Mexico and Bali consist of seeing locals in their homes and experiencing their every day life.

The book features interviews with fifty children, ages five to nine, on daily life in San Francisco, exploring different themes from family, school, pets, and work to heroes, holidays, favorite foods, talents, and sports.

Questions like: Who is in your family? What are your Favorite Foods, Favorite Holiday? Who is your Hero? Discussions about Pets, School, Sports they play and Talents they have. Where the children have gone on vacation and what they want to be or do when they grow up.  All of these questions can be asked to anyone in the world and time and and time again the answers can bring insight and connection.

After each interview there are Discussion Questions. These parts were a welcomed surprise. The questions are really good too, you know the ones that make you think and have conversations. I enjoyed this part so much with my kids and just to read and think about for myself, tapping into my inner child. What would I have said then? What has changed since then?

Urban Playground offers insights and strategies to help adults open conversations with children about their experience of urban life. I thought this was really great because there were so many different families and lifestyles that it gives opportunity to connect to others.

I highly recommend this book for you and for your family. It can be read with a couple days or take one interview a night for a bedtime story and then participating in the questions and discussions.

Thank you so much for writing this book Katie!

Katie’s writing has appeared in San Francisco Attorney Magazine, the L.A. Times, KQED Perspectives, SoMa Literary Review, and the Noe Valley Voice, where she writes a monthly column about kids. She has also taught creative writing to children and adults in Kenya, South Africa, and San Francisco. You can read more about Katie and purchase this book though her site: HERE! 

Thank you to Ellen at Books Forward for thinking of me and giving me the honor of reading and reviewing this book!!Urban Playground

Urban Playground


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