Today-Learning about VBACs

Today Dave and I went to watch part 3 and 4 of  Ricki Lake’s‘More Business of Being Born’. (Sponsored by live with awareness-I also have a link to them on my birth page)

Part 3 was Explore your Options: Doulas, Birth Centers,& C-sections.  Part 4 was The VBAC dilema: What your options really are.   These parts of the movie were so important to me since I am planning a vbac, well from what I learned today there is actually a more specific term for what I am planning- HBAC (Home birth after cesarean).  It was so informative and encouraging for us.  I knew that I could do it, but hearing other people talk about it and hearing statistics that are in the favor of vbacs ,(having less risk then repeat c-sections), was amazing.  I of course cried, especially hearing one women’s story about how hard she fought to have a vbac -everyone told her she couldn’t! After 12 hrs of labor she said she wanted to quit and her husband stepped in and reminded her that she could do it and how hard she fought to do it.  It was beautiful, and she did it! It also made me smile that as I was wiping my eyes I looked at Dave and saw him teary-eyed too. (I must say a quick thank you to him for going, Dave isn’t one to do things before 10 am including wake up so it made me extra happy that he had no problem going when I said we had to leave the house by 9:15).

I am very excited to share the information that I learned but I promised myself and this little dancing baby in my tummy that I would go to sleep early tonight.  I also want to quickly say that I am very excited about the people that I have begun meeting during this journey and look forward to helping spread the knowledge to others.  I don’t like posts without any pictures so I will include one of Dave and I from our pregnancy with Charley ( 34 weeks). It cracks me up and it drives me crazy that it isn’t edited but Im not gonna change it now, I think it is funny.


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